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Powering British Industry

The old cliché of “We don’t make anything in Britain anymore” simply isn’t true. British manufacturers play a major role in our economy which is why Sage has curated this celebration of their worth.

British manufacturers embody passion, energy, and pride, and it is reflected in how they differentiate themselves and their products. In a world market where it’s often difficult to compete on price, British manufacturers are winning by focusing on factors such as quality and innovation.

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Adrian Maxwell, Owner

If anyone doubts that Britain is still a great place for manufacturing, we say: ‘wake up and smell the coffee!


We’re incredibly proud of the fact that we started life in a garden shed back in 1963 when machine tool designer Frank Maxwell - hailed as the ‘Godfather of the espresso’ - first stripped down a second hand coffee machine bought on a family holiday in Italy.

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