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Sage Accounting and Compliance as a Service

Built for banks and SaaS platforms serving SMBs

Integrate Sage’s award winning features into your products to provide a seamless accounting and tax experience for your small business customers.

Grow your business by simplifying accounting and tax compliance for your customers

The digitisation of tax around the world (e.g. Making Tax Digital in the UK) is increasing the fear and burden of accounting and tax for even the smallest of businesses and self-employed individuals. Our software and APIs allow you to add your choice of Sage’s ‘gold standard’ accounting features directly into your products, to create a truly automated and simplified end to end experience for your customers.

Increase revenue with add-on accounting features

Add new features such as invoicing or the ability to provide your customers with real time tax outputs and digital submissions to the tax authorities, all from within your product experience.

Differentiate your offering with cashflow forecasting and reporting

You can provide your customers with an instant and full view of their cashflow and financial position without them needing to leave your products.

Improve retention by enabling secure accountant collaboration

Allow your customers’ accountants to securely access the financial data and outputs they need, increasing their stickiness to your products and ability to support the success of your customers’ businesses.

Industry leaders are choosing Sage

Industry leaders, like Tide, are already working with Sage to integrate accounting into their small business banking experience. Why?

40 years experience

Sage invented the digital accounting category and serves millions of small businesses and accountants worldwide meaning we are the most trusted brand when it comes to accounting

Expertise on hand

We possess unrivalled, global accounting and tax compliance expertise and are always innovating to help you and your clients stay ahead of industry and regulatory shifts

Security & scalability

Our systems operate with 99.9% uptime and are highly scalable. You'll be using the same services we do for our customer facing products

Powerful & easy to use APIs

Designed for developers, our API driven approach provides your teams with full control and configurability over the customer experience you want to provide.

“Adding an accountancy offering to the Tide platform is a huge step towards our mission to make life easier for people who work for themselves, saving them time (and money) on their financial admin.”

Oliver Prill,
Tide CEO

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