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Credit Hound Express for Sage 50cloud Accounts

Move past chasing payments.

How many hours would you save if you didn't have to trakc down debtors?


£20 per month*

Alternatively, from £270 annually

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Quick Specification

  • Improve cashflow
  • Automate chasing payments
  • Reduce bad debt and save time

Avoid Late Payments

Having money tied up in customer credit can put pressure on even the most profitable businesses.

Whilst offering customers credit may be great for sales, without the right procedures in place to collect the cash - trouble is never far away.

Improve Cash Flow

The Advanced Credit Control Module is everything you need to chase payments faster & keep bad debt to a minimum. Improve your customer relationships and reduce the time needed for resolution and payment.

All the information you need is at hand quickly and clearly. See who to chase, how much is owed and all the previous chase history as well as any invoice disputes. Stay in control of your receivables and capital by identifying payment risks before they become critical.

Excel At Efficiency

Schedule your communications, keep track of your contact and streamline all of your processes to eliminate manual checking. So you can spend more taking care of your customers and growing your business.

Say Goodbye To....

  • exceeded payment terms
  • re-active debt chasing
  • time-consuming manual admin
  • debt caused by delayed payments
  • withheld money due to unresolved disputes
  • inconsistent customer communications

Stop chasing debtors and start getting paid faster.


*Please note: price will increase to £25 per month after first 6 months subscription.

Free guide to managing your cash flow

Advice and top tips chasing debt to help you manage your cash flow and get paid faster.

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"Credit Hound Express has reduced our debt by 40%. It's helped us to keep better track of outstanding debt and how overdue it is, so we can action it before it gets out of hand"

Michala Chick, Finance Manager, bptw architecture


  • Colour-coding for ease of reference
  • "Who's Got My Money" chart, so you can see at-a-glance who owes you the most money
  • Disputes, which brings to your attention the details of disputed invoices
  • Promised Cash forecasts the amount of money you are expecting from customers
  • "Where's My Money?" clearly shows you the total amount owed to you, broken down by invoices not yet due, overdue or disputed


  • The built-in calendar enables you to keep on top of promised payments as well as remembering to review disputed invoices. With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, you will instantly feel comfortable and confident using the calendar
  • Crucially, events in the calendar are linked to your accounts system. So once an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed. This saves valuable time and importantly, it avoids the possibility of chasing payments already made

  • Credit Hound Express brings together the information you need in one ‘Chase Screen’. The screen gathers all the details you need about your customer, from outstanding invoices and contact details to previous chase history and notes
  • Using the customisable list of reasons for non-payment, Credit Hound Express offers ways to overcome your customer’s objections to making payment. Flag when commitment for payment has been made or an invoice is disputed
  • Once the telephone call is completed, Credit Hound Express can automatically generate follow-up letters, leaving your customer in no doubt about their obligation to pay

Reports and Analysis

With a number of reports at your fingertips, your data is presented in an easy-to-analyse, graphical format, giving you instant insight into your 'business' debtor situation:

  • Dispute Analysis Reports
    Commonality of dispute and the amount, average number of days to resolve and an individual breakdown of the dispute including the client notes and internal notes recorded by the credit controller
  • Transaction Dossier Report
    List the steps taken to attempt to collect outstanding debt. This saves credit controllers many hours of report writing
  • Promised Cash Report
    See what money is expected to come in, giving the business a better metric to measure cash flow
  • User Activity Report
    Review a credit controllers’ activity for a custom date range, including time spent chasing, promised cash against received and allocated transaction

Rules and Actions

  • You can give Credit Hound Express 'Rules' to determine which credit control 'Actions' it automatically performs. When a customer or transaction meets specific conditions of your Rule, Credit Hound Express takes appropriate Actions
  • By defining several associated Rules and Actions, you can streamline and automate the time-consuming stages of your current collection policy