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Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module with NHS Pensions

From £11 per month

(£13.20 inc VAT)

This add-on is for Sage 50 Payroll v21 & above.

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Quick Specification
  • Create NHS-specific reports
  • Simplify NHS Pensions
  • Speed up assessments

Why choose NHS Pensions module for Sage 50cloud Payroll?


The NHS Pensions module is designed to simplify tiered pensions, speeding up assessments whilst also ensuring complete compliance and precision.

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Buy Sage 50 Payroll and NHS Pensions Module

Automatically assess, maintain and periodically re-assess tiers for employees and define or calculate pensionable pay for specific groups of employees with ease and accuracy.

You can use data to create bespoke NHS reports and take advantage of the additional support available in the NHS pensions centre - an online point of reference for all things NHS related.

Compatible with Sage 50 Payroll v21 & above.