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Sage Payroll Add-Ons

Pensions Module

Eliminate the burden of Automatic Enrolment in minutes rather than months. Assess, manage and communicate with your workforce in just a few clicks.

From £11 per month +VAT

Pensions Module
with NHS Pensions

All the functionality of the Pensions Module but specifically tailored for NHS Tiered Pensions. For GPs, Dentists, Physios & Health Workers!

From £11 per month +VAT

Employee Benefits

Sage Employee Benefits provides every business, big or small, with a package of products and services that offer outstanding benefits, with something for everyone.

From £10 per employee per month

Pension PlayPen

Assess your workforce and choose the right pension scheme with the Pension PlayPen online service.

From £199

Online Payslips

Reduce your payroll cost by giving employees 24/7 access to their payslip information online.

From £3 per month +VAT

Online Timesheets

Save time by allowing your employees to securely submit their own timesheets info, on the go, 24/7.

50p per employee, per month