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We've evaluated the global state of process manufacturing and discovered that manufacturers are experiencing rapid change and are ready to embrace new technological and regulatory challenges.

Manufacturers are ready to become more digitally driven 

Businesses are more aware then ever of how new technology can impact profit lines. Manufacturers touch every part of our modern lives. Our report findings show the impact of new technological and regulatory challenges and where our manufacturers plan to go from here.  

  • 62% of process manufacturers say regulatory change is one of biggest factors affecting them, as regulations and political climate continues to stay in flux.
  • Preparing for regulatory changes was the top issue impacting manufacturers in the United States across industries, with more than half of those surveyed reporting government is affecting how their business is run.
  • Traceability has gone from nice-to-have to must-have for managing quality, inefficiency and the threat of recalls.
  • Manufacturers are also concerned with the threat of cyberattacks and data breaches, with 84 percent of manufacturers revealing that these external forces have a high impact on near and long-term business planning.
  • Emerging technologies have tremendous potential to help manufacturers save time and money, with reduced operational costs seen as they greatest benefit by US manufacturers (34%), followed by increased traceability (29%) and automation of repetitive tasks (24%).

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