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Vancouver’s consolidates office supply, replacing multiple deliveries into just one. The logistics and tech are complex, but with Sage X3 is taking on the industry giants.

Business is complex, but agility and flexibility are key is a triumph of logistics, technology, and infrastructure. It runs 24 hours, and every order is made online. supplies everything an office may need, from fruit and candy to toner cartridges and paper. The vision is one order, one delivery, one invoice ; but that ideal relies on many complex processes, and must be agile and lean to compete.

To enable agility, needed a scalable, robust platform on which to run its core services : inventory, sales, customer services, and finance.

Calvin Johnson

Sage X3 lets choose the features it needs for today—and for tomorrow

The Answer Company, a local Sage partner, worked closely with to plan and implement its Sage X3 solution. Now,’s systems are automated and integrated with the firm’s e-commerce platform. Sage X3 provides Lykki with a real-time view of stock status and supplier inventory. It now has an end-to-end process for purchase orders, and also the ability to accept web orders, all in one place.

For the implementation, our aim was to avoid losing one day of sales. In the end, we didn’t lose one order.

Calvin Johnson

Sage X3 has helped to become leaner and smarter

Since installation, has flowed more than $29.6 million in orders through the system, and because Sage X3 provides a historical overview of sales and future trends, these have all generated data that helps the business become ever more agile and lean. is happy that Sage and its supporting tools are there to help it to move forward and grow.

Our suite of Sage products, and how they integrate with our other e-commerce and CRM software, has been key.

Calvin Johnson
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