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Millions of businesses across the globe trust Sage for one reason – we’re dedicated to our customers, and every advancement we make is to help our customers succeed. We’re leading the way with exciting new tools and technologies that deliver seamless digital experiences from start to finish, helping customers drive efficiency, save time and boost business. And through the Sage Business Cloud, we’re right at the leading edge.

Sage Business Cloud provides customers with a digital environment of applications and services that makes it easy for them to connect, collaborate and do business. By enhancing the services available through Sage Business Cloud, we are making the environment more compelling to customers, increasing the number of users and growing the value of the network.

Focusing on solving our customers' challenges

1. Making the move to Sage Business Cloud easy
Fast deployment, continued compliance, always-on integration, data anywhere at anytime – we’re helping customers achieve the full value of the Sage Business Cloud quickly and easily.

2. Delivering insights that boost business
Customers make their best business decisions with a complete picture of their business. That’s why we facilitate insights into every aspect of their company, from cash flow and invoicing, to HR and payroll.

3. Automating manual tasks to save customers time
Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation are giving customers more time to focus on their businesses with tools that deliver improved accuracy, greater efficiency and faster data-entry.

4. Focusing on customer experience
We listen to customer feedback and use it to improve our solutions and services. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and create experiences that customers love.

Photo of a laptop with computer code on the screen - [photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash]

Sage Ai means better customer experiences

Staying ahead of the curve means embracing change and creating intuitive experiences that customers love. By investing in technology and focusing on our customer's needs, we can achieve our ultimate technology goal - to elevate the work of humans.

Sage Ai, our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions, uses AI and machine learning to speed up admin tasks, improve accuracy and enable customers achieve their goals. Two examples of how we have done this include:

  • Sage Intelligent Time - a time-tracking tool that dynamically learns working patterns from an employee’s calendar and activities
  • General Ledger Outlier Detection - an intelligence tool that spots accounting mistakes and irregularities as they occur

We continue to make significant investments in AI and machine learning, accelerating our development of AI-based tools and solutions.

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