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Consensus estimates

A summary of sell-side analyst consensus estimates for Sage, as at 20 June 2024.

Sage Group plc


   Min  Consensus  Max Min
Total revenue growth, % 9.0% 9.3% 9.5% 8.2% 9.3% 10.1%
Recurring revenue growth, %
10.1% 10.5% 11.0% 8.7% 10.1% 11.0%
Total revenue, £m
2,329 2,349 2,377 2,528 2,563 2,598
Operating profit, £m 505 515 523 561 580 599
Operating profit margin, % 21.2% 21.9% 22.2% 21.6% 22.6% 23.2%

Last updated on 20 June 2024.

Please note, the estimates used to produce these figures have been prepared independently by analysts covering Sage Group plc. Consensus represents the average for each of the above line items, where data is available. These figures should not be interpreted as a forecast by Sage, and Sage expressly disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of, and disclaims any liability for, this information.

Although we will endeavour to keep this information updated, we assume no obligation to update or revise such information to reflect circumstances existing after the date hereof.

For all queries regarding consensus, please contact our Investor Relations team.

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