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Sustainability and Society

Our sustainability journey has informed how we show up for SMBs, from helping them get started with carbon accounting, to making their voices heard by policymakers and regulators. We know that taking action starts with us, but the impact we create spreads beyond us. We call this the The Multiplier Effect.

FY23 Sustainability Reporting Ecosystem

In 2023, we evolved the Sustainability and Society strategy to reflect the outcomes of our recent materiality assessment, and our transition from commitment to action. Our updated strategy has three key pillars—Protect the PlanetTech for Good, and Human by Design—all underpinned by Sustainability by Design, which is about integrating sustainability deep into our business and operations. Each of the pillars is supported by clear priorities and a robust action plan.

 The Multiplier Effect: Sage Sustainability and Society 2023 report cover

Sustainability and society

In today’s world, not everyone is given an equal chance. Discrimination, bias, lack of education, and unequal access to technology have created barriers for many people to succeed. It’s our pledge to knock down these barriers and create equal opportunity.

We’re committed to investing in education, technology and the environment to give individuals, SMEs and our planet the opportunity to thrive – and we will deliver on this through our three pillars of Protect the Planet, Tech for Good, and Human by Design.


Sage Foundation

Sage Foundation’s purpose is to knock down barriers in our communities, mobilising our colleagues, partners, and customers through impactful and innovative programmes. Through our strategic partnerships, we are supporting underrepresented groups to grow sustainable businesses, giving young people access to STEM skills and knocking down barriers to entrepreneurship in the developing world.

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