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Shareholder performance

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Sage is a global market leader for technology that helps small and medium businesses perform at their best. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support, with our partners, to manage finances, operations, and people.

Shareholder performance

Track the historic Sage Group share price on the interactive graph below, select the time periods you want and make comparisons with other market indicators. Please note that there is a 15-minute delay on share prices displayed.

Dividend history

Financial year Dividend Amount (p) Record date Payment date
2019 Interim 5.79  31-May-19  14-Jun-19
2018 Final 10.85 08-Feb-19 01-Mar-19
  Interim 5.65 11-May-18 01-Jun-18
2017 Final 10.2 9-Feb-18 2-Mar-18
  Interim 5.22 12-May-17 02-Jun-17
2016 Final 9.35 10-Feb-17 03-Mar-17
  Interim 4.8 13-May-16 03-Jun-16
2015 Final 8.65 12-Feb-16 04-Mar-16
  Interim 4.45 15-May-15 05-Jun-15
2014 Final 8 13-Feb-15 06-Mar-15
  Interim 4.12 16-May-14 06-Jun-14
2013 Final 7.44 4-Feb-14 10-Mar-14
2013 Special 17.1 07-Jun-13 28-Jun-13
  Interim 3.69 17-May-13 07-Jun-13
2012 Final 6.67 15-Feb-13 18-Mar-13

Interim 3.48 18-May-12 08-Jun-12
2011 Final 7.07 10-Feb-12 02-Mar-12

Interim 2.68 13-May-11 10-Jun-11
2010 Final 5.22 11-Feb-11 11-Mar-11

Interim 2.58 14-May-10 18-Jun-10
2009 Final 4.93 05-Feb-10 05-Mar-10

Interim 2.5 15-May-09 19-Jun-09
2008 Final 4.78 06-Feb-09 06-Mar-09

Interim 2.43 16-May-08 20-Jun-08
2007 Final 5.73 08-Feb-08 07-Mar-08

Interim 1.27 18-May-07 15-Jun-07
2006 Final 2.51 09-Feb-07 09-Mar-07

Interim 1.08 19-May-06 16-Jun-06
2005 Final 1.953 10-Feb-06 08-Mar-06

Interim 0.922 20-May-05 17-Jun-05