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5 ways to use automation to transform HR in your organisation

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Attracting and retaining accountants

How would you feel about freeing up 30% of your team’s time?

It’s a no-brainer. Of course, you’d jump at it. However, are you already wondering what you’d have to sacrifice to do so?

The answer is nothing. In fact, it’s the opposite. You can improve all those things at the same time – all thanks to automation.

Automating processes and administrative tasks means you reclaim the precious all-important time you need.

It’s how progressive fast-growth People Companies are getting ahead. They’re automating transactional processes, freeing up lost time on admin and leaving their leaders free to truly focus on what matters: their people and building great workforce experiences for them.

People Companies are using automation to get ahead

People Companies have woken up to the fact that HR is changing. The global skills crisis has led to the war for talent. Employee engagement levels have plummeted. As a result, productivity is at an all-time low.

People Companies know that in order to win in the war for talent, things need to change. Their HR leaders know that they need to move away from being a transactional team, towards a more strategic people-focussed function.

By automating transactional processes, People Companies get quicker feedback and take remedial action. By continually redesigning better ways of working in this iterative manner, People Companies see a quicker impact on engagement and productivity.

Automated HR processes also free up time for employees. People Companies give their employees autonomy to do things themselves, such as managing their teams, setting objectives or booking holidays, which also takes the pressure off HR and People team’s time, too.

Why automate?

Our own research has shown that 80% of fast-growth companies have embraced HR automation, versus 53% in lower growth businesses.

McKinsey estimates that 60% of all occupations have 30% of activities that could be automated, and that automation can make workforces 31% more productive.

Yet, that’s just the efficiency gain. We believe the game-changing potential is in the time you free up when you automate. What would you do with it to make a real impact on business performance and success?

Download our eBook below to discover five ways automation can transform HR in your organisation, enabling you to become a more people-focussed function.

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