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How leading CFOs are driving digital transformation

Driven by new technology like cloud, automation, and the increasing expectations of customers, a new landscape of fast-paced, digitally-driven business has emerged – forcing organisations to reimagine how they will survive and thrive.

Digital transformation is now imperative for B2B organisations, and at the heart of this transformation is the CFO.

Why the CFO is critical to leading digital transformation

Selecting the right technology foundation is the major challenge organisations face on the road to digital transformation. To fully realise it’s potential, this technology must be integrated and co-ordinated across the entire ecosystem of a business.

Particularly for growing organisations, often the first investment they make is in financial management – to build out the technology the CFO needs for success. This inadvertently thrusts the CFO into the limelight to lead digital transformation for their organisation, redefining their role in the process.

CFOs are now poised to move beyond their traditional role and lead companies to new frontiers. However, they may not be equipped to fully harness the potential of cloud technology and drive wider business transformation beyond the finance function.

While today’s CFO has been tasked with analysing the past, tomorrow’s CFO is expected to be a visionary. They will need to leverage the vast amounts of data made available by a newly connected and digitalised world, to help predict the future direction of the organisation, uncover hidden opportunities and close information gaps. The CFO will be the gatekeeper of data and analytics, and drive digital transformation throughout the business.

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