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 Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 is coming

Intelligent cloud payroll software that empowers workforces

Leveraging 25 years of Australian market leading payroll software experience to deliver a compliant, intuitive and extensible platform.

Market leading cloud payroll software

Drive better business outcomes by empowering and engaging your workforce with a comprehensive cloud payroll system.

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Compliant with the latest legislation

Focus on business outcomes not regulation by ensuring your payroll platform is constantly being updated to maintain compliance with the latest Australian legislation.
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Empower your digital workforce

Remove administrative overheads by providing your employees with a cloud based self service portal so they can manage their personal details, enter timesheets, view and request leave, view payslips and more.
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Accurate timesheets and Award interpretation

Safeguard your business from underpayments by ensuring accurate timesheets capture and award interpretation that enables you to report and reconcile any underpayments as mandated the Fair Work Commission.

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Power insights that drive better decisions

Align organisational goals with business outcomes via powerful analytics that monitor your payroll and provide key stakeholders with the insights they require to make better business decisions. From standard distributed reporting, to predictive analysis and more access the information you require.
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Establish a cloud connected platform

Leverage powerful development environments such as Salesforce and open APIs to extend your payroll data across other workforce applications including time and attendance, Financial and ERP applications and specialised industry application such as NDIS or PSA.
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Evolve from payroll to HCM

Get better visibility across or workforce from pre hire to retire hire by evolving your payroll into a powerful suite of HCM solutions that streamline every stage of the employee journey. 

Are you compliant?​

If you pay any of your staff a salary, it is likely you’re impacted by the Fair Work Commission’s new legislation in effect from March 1, 2021. These include a number of new record keeping and reporting obligations for businesses.

Failure to comply can result in criminal charges, heavy fines and reputational risk.

Take this quick Compliance Assessment to understand if your business is impacted.
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Payroll solutions that enhances people management

With Sage, pay is made simple. Discover the right cloud software package for your company.

Payroll software

Best suited to business 50 - 500 employees

Full suite of payroll capabilities

  • Efficient and accurate payroll processing and workflows designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand conditions
  • Always up-to-date with payroll legislation and regulations, including Single Touch Payroll Reporting and tax
  • Multi-location payroll management with ability to manage multiple companies, databases and pay frequencies
  • Award interpretation engine removing the need for manual calculations and ensuring accurate payments
  • Superannuation solution that is Superstream compliant
  • General ledger integration with your existing accounting software to easily share data and cost centres are always accurate
  • Comprehensive audit controls and monitoring of all processes and transaction statuses with compliance auditing
  • APIs that enable easy integration with existing Financial and ERP systems or speciality applications 
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Payroll & Workforce software

Best suited to business 50 - 500 employees

Full suite of payroll capabilities and including: 

  • Full Employee Self-Service portal empowering your workforce to manage their details, apply for leave, enter timesheets, and access payslips
  • Full visibility of leave entitlements, up-coming leave, members on leave, employee directory and latest pay advices
  • Safeguard the business from employee underpayments via timesheet capture, award interpretation and reconciliation to comply with the Fair Work Commission's latest modern award mandate
  • Superior Team Management feature that gives you the visibility of people working in multiple teams
  • Leave management workflows from application to approval to processing within payroll
  • Visibility of teams and employee details including real-time information on employees’ availability, leave schedules and contact details
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Payroll powered by Salesforce

Suited for business with over 100 employees using Salesforce

Full suite of payroll capabilities

  • Payroll specifically designed and built on the Salesforce development platform
  • Powerful Salesforce reporting functionality from configurable core reports to powerful business intelligence
  • Remove IT overheads by installing on existing SFDC org
  • Utilise the Salesforce development platform to design, build and deliver custom workflows and/or applications that support your business
  • Integrate to your other business applications via the Salesforce APIs
  • Access to 1000’s of best of breed applications via Appstore
  • Designed from the ground up as a cloud-based payroll bureau application perfect for accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus to manage their payroll clients
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Australian based services and support to keep your payroll running smoothly

Sage payroll services are designed to deliver better business outcomes to your team, workforce, and stakeholders.


Limit any disruption to your business with 24/7 secure access support portal. Based in Australia Sage ensures you get the care and support you deserve to keep your business moving forward.


From project initiation to post go live, Sage provides confidence to your team throughout your unique payroll implementation project. With over 30 years’ experience implementing all types and sizes of Australian businesses.

Consulting & training

Sage removes the challenge of learning, refining, and transferring new payroll knowledge. With a litany of options, include powerful and cost effective Virtual Led Training, Sage has the program that will suit your environment.


Hire your next superstar via our Sage dedicated Australian payroll or HR based agency. With an extensive network of businesses and professionals Sage understands your needs and removes overheads associated with recruitment. 


Remove overheads and re allocated resources via a cost-effective, secure and compliant outsourcing service designed to meet your business requirements. 

Sage Payroll software resources

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2021 Payroll guide to compliance

In this guide, we’ll explore three areas of payroll compliance that every business needs to be aware of and share tips to help you stay on top of ever-changing compliance obligations.
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The impact of wage underpayments in Australia

We examine the cause of underpayments in Australia, the impact of non-compliance to the Fair Work Commission’s obligations and you can prevent the risk of exposure in your business.
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Tips to preventing Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud in Australia is more common than you think, and if left undetected, can place a severe financial drain on your business.