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Sage X3 manages your entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively—from procurement and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials—and provides better insight on quality and costs to promote strategic collaboration and improved operational efficiency.

Results you can expect with Sage X3


Increase customer satisfaction by accelerating response to their inquiries and requests with accurate product costing and pricing.


Optimise your processes by gaining real-time control over work order details and deeper insights into your production costs.


Ensure that products meet or exceed the high standards of your customers, and adapt to compliance requirements.


Manage customer care, warranty and service orders as part of your core processes, and improve traceability.

Powerful capabilities for manufacturing

  • Production management methods by job, order or inventory.
  • Automated finite capacity planning.
  • Extensive batch, sub-batch and serial number traceability.
  • Flexible work order release management capabilities.
  • Bill of Materials management with a component by date.
  • Product configurer, options and variants.

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