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Social Futures slashes quarterly reporting time thanks to Sage Intacct

Social Futures - Sage Australia

Not-for-profit uses time saved to do extra analysis and plan for new funding model and business strategy

Upgrading software to transition to new funding model

Social Futures had grown rapidly in recent years, increasing revenue to $40m, but with a small finance team of just four people. At the same time, the charity needed to plan for the transition from block funding to fee for service model. The board realised that the organisation needed to invest in financial software that could support it through the next phase of growth.

The board were quite realistic and very supportive because they’d seen the incredible growth we had had in the organisation.

Michael Carter
Chief Financial Officer, Social Futures

Faster reporting at the heart of a scalable finance system

Social Futures chose to implement Sage Intacct after engaging Sage partner Giuntabell to recommend a solution. One of their key requirements was the ability to drill down to sufficient levels of detail, and the charity was impressed by how much faster and powerful the software was at reporting.

Making sure we get the level of detail in the system allows us to have good, in-depth conversations with the team leaders and managers.

Michael Carter
Chief Financial Officer, Social Futures

Time saved in reporting spent conducting deeper financial analysis

The finance team uses the time saved on reporting to provide analysis to managers. Michael redesigned the reports which bring the most relevant areas managers need to review into focus. Expenses that managers have the most control over, such as payroll, sit at the top of the report, while centrally managed items such as rent, cleaning and management fees are further down.

We are getting reports to people sooner and allowing the people who are producing reports time to be more critical and do extra analysis.

Michael Carter
Chief Financial Officer, Social Futures

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