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Sage X3 for Food and Beverage

Ensure food quality and safety with Sage X3

Designed for the food and beverage industry, Sage X3 helps you remain competitive and stay compliant with built-in capabilities such as recipe management, quality control, regulatory compliance and lot tracking.

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Seamless supply chain management

Minimise waste and maximise freshness with better collaboration, visibility and control.

Compliance and traceability

Efficiently manage recalls and allergen reporting.

Maintain quality and protect your brand

Respond rapidly to a changing world and stay ahead of competition.

Powerful capabilities for your food and beverage business

From farm to fork, streamline operations and optimise your supply chain processes with our powerful capabilities, tailored to the food and beverage industry.

Streamlined operations

Efficiency meets excellence as Sage X3 streamlines operations, ensuring precise recipes and seamless compliance for top-notch food quality.

  • Take advantage of food safety solutions, traceability, recall management, allergen reporting, and more.
  • Manage food inventory tracking and product profitability to reduce the waste of perishable goods.
  • Automate processes, standardise procedures and foster innovation for increased productivity.
  • Ensure consistent product quality with formula management capabilities that enable companies to accurately create and maintain recipes.

Supply chain management

Manage, collaborate and stay compliant while working with all of your suppliers, no matter if they are local or global.

  • Effectively manage global suppliers and ensure compliance.
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility and traceability.
  • Streamline procurement and improve supplier relationships.

Financial visibility and sales enablement

Gain financial visibility and optimise profitability. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

  • Manage cash flow, compliance, profitability, fixed assets and accounting processes.
  • Empower a mobile sales force with visibility into customers, stocks, past purchases, quotes and promotions, through any connected device.
  • Get quick access to data and gain the power to manage customer requests.

A scalable, customisable solution

Leave behind legacy systems. Embrace seamless expansion with a solution that can scale, be customised, and flexes to meet your needs.

  • Experience agility and flexibility with a solution that enables you to adapt and overcome industry challenges.
  • Operate internationally with global capabilities, supporting multiple countries, currencies, languages and legislations for seamless business operations.
  • Choose between on-premise and cloud deployment models for Sage X3, giving you the flexibility to harness your business operations effectively.
  • Gain comprehensive visibility and effortlessly manage complex processes, transactions and relationships with Sage X3's unified solution.

Extend the power of Sage X3

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Unlock the full potential of Sage X3 with integrations and customisations. Explore our marketplace or leverage our partner network of industry experts to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

Sage Inventory Advisor

Forecast demand, reduce out-of-stocks and optimise your inventory levels with machine learning.

Sage X3 Procession

Replace clunky third-party solutions for formulation, R&D, regulatory control, and advance quality control analysis.

Sage Data & Analytics

Get complete visibility into your business data and gain insights that drive growth.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Get quick and easy access to visual reporting and analytics to impact company growth and success.

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John Lilleystone

IT Director, RH Amar

"As our business has grown, so have the expectations of our customers and suppliers. Sage Business Cloud X3 has allowed us to meet the demands of our trading partners by providing us with a powerful, yet easy to use set of tools."

Food and beverage industry FAQs

Absolutely! With a robust quality management tool, Sage X3 enables food and beverage companies to monitor and control quality throughout the production process. Sage X3 helps ensure compliance, traceability and adherence to industry regulations.

Sage X3 production planning features help production managers create efficient schedules that consider demand, inventory levels, and equipment availability. Sage X3 supports agile production processes, reducing lead times and wastage.
Yes, Sage X3 has formula management capabilities that enable food and beverage manufacturers to accurately create and maintain recipes, ensuring consistent product quality. It simplifies ingredient substitutions and supports version control for quick adjustments.

See how Sage X3 delivers a three-year ROI of 250%

Read the Total Economic Impact (TEI) report and see why Sage X3 is a low-risk, multi-benefits investment.

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