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Board committees


Board committees

Committees of the board deal with specific aspects of the group’s affairs. These committees are the Remuneration Committee, the Audit Committee and the Nomination Committee. The roles and responsibilities of the committees are set out in their terms of reference. The terms of reference for each committee are available by clicking on the link below.

Remuneration Committee

To establish the Remuneration Policy for the Executive Directors. To determine the remuneration framework, including bonus and incentive plans, and levels of remuneration for the Executive Directors, the Chair, and other designated individuals and senior management, designed to support strategy and promote the long-term sustainable success of the Group.

Members: Roisin Donnelly (Chair), Dr John Bates and Annette Court. Under its terms of reference, the committee meets at least four times a year.

Audit and Risk Committee

To oversee the Group’s financial reporting, risk management, and internal control procedures and the work of Sage Assurance (Internal Audit) and the external auditor. Responsibilities also include overseeing the integrity, accuracy and consistency of the Group’s Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) non‑financial disclosures.

Members: Jonathan Bewes (Chair), Annette Court, Derek Harding and Sangeeta Anand. It meets at least four times a year.

Nomination Committee

To review the composition of the Board including structure and diversity of its committees, and to plan for progressive refreshing of its membership through effective succession planning. The committee ensures adequate Board training and oversees a talent development framework for senior management.

Members: Andrew Duff (Chair), Dr John Bates, Annette Court and Jonathan Bewes. The Nomination Committee meets at least three times a year.

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