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Nonprofit revenue recognition simplified

Streamline ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606 compliance for nonprofits with Sage Intacct revenue recognition. Save time and minimize errors for hassle-free audits.

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Save time with automated revenue recognition

Save time and avoid manual calculations in external spreadsheets that must be merged into your financial solution.

  • Manage conditional contributions and grants based on milestones.
  • Manage installment-based transactions across year-end with automated revenue recognition schedules.
  • Manage event-based recognition.

Reduce errors with consistent treatment

Automate reimbursement requests and bills for funding sources with Sage Intacct Nonprofit Revenue Recognition, in conjunction with Sage Intacct Grants Tracking and Billing.

  • Enable consistent treatment and classification of revenue by source.
  • Systematically track barriers and conditions as well as progress on delivery.
  • Select the best revenue recognition method for each revenue stream.

Centralize revenue calculations in one system

Demonstrate compliance with ease so you can focus on your mission.

  • Eliminate the need to search spreadsheets to understand deferred revenue timing.
  • Get on-demand insights into conditions and their delivery statuses.
  • Streamline audits with documented revenue schedules just a click away.

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Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Simplified

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