We’re revealing some interesting statistics on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and we’re giving you top tips so that you can prioritise health and well-being, grow and engage top talent and embrace diversity and inclusion.


Find out how you can minimise stress and maximise happiness:


  1. Emotional – supporting employee well-being
  2. Physical – keeping employees physically healthy
  3. Social – improving communication with social groups
  4. Financial – supporting employees with financials

Discover how to improve well-being by embracing flexible ways of working:

  • A hybrid of working at home and in the office: a popular way to unlock the benefits of both worlds.
  • The four-day work week: compressed hours across a four-day week or cutting the working week to four days without adding hours on.
  • Remote working: working at home full time.
  • Flexible leave: enabling employees to work extra hours and take the time off rather than accepting overtime pay.

Find out how to reduce turnover and improve job satisfaction. From re-engaging employees to retaining them, to identifying high potential employees. And learn how to overcome key diversity and inclusion challenges to ensure equal opportunities for everyone at a time where women have been greatly affected by the pandemic. From going genderless to find talent and training your teams to learn how to eliminate bias.

To succeed in 2021, you’ll need the right technology to achieve your goals. We’ll talk you through the key ways cloud HR software will help you with every aspect of business recovery.

This includes driving employee engagement and ensuring well-being by using HR software. From managing individual performance with 360-degree feedback, adopting flexible working with instant online access to the information you need, empowering employees with self-service on their mobile phones, and creating seamless onboarding experiences by automating workflows.

We’ll show you how to recruit top talent. Whether you’re producing a unique landing page to make your company stand out, scheduling interviews with candidates, or creating custom scorecards to identify the right skills – there’s technology to achieve it all. You can view our HR product tour to find out the features and functionality you need to help improve and embrace diversity and inclusion. https://www.sage.com/en-gb/sage-business-cloud/hr/sage-hr-product-tour/

And we’ll help you uncover the technologies that will help you track diversity, inclusion and productivity. With analytics to get deeper insights into workforce productivity, attendance and absence, view employee growth over time, or create customer reports to keep track of the information that’s important to your business, you can begin to drive better business change.

So, if you’re ready to lead and succeed in a new world of work then start the technologies that can help you improve productivity, well-being and inclusion.


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