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The Un-Rule Book: Three cliché-busting startup stories

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The Un-Rule Book: Three cliché-busting startup stories

Starting up your own business can feel like something beyond the realms of possibility— especially if you don’t feel like you have the right resources or experience to make it happen.

We’ve all heard the same old dusty advice:

  1. “You need a 50-page business plan.”
  2. “You need thousands of pounds to get started.”
  3. “Must have business experience.”
  4. “And will most definitely need a business degree!”

The bad news is that these rules can leave you feeling like you don’t have a fighting chance to get your great idea off the ground.

The good news? The Un-Rule Book is here to show you that is not the case at all.

This guide explores the stories of three inspiring entrepreneurs who are ditching the traditional business norms and doing things their own way.

They’re ripping up the rule book on business and showing you how to do the same.

Here are the brilliant entrepreneurs that feature in our myth-busting guide to small business success:

  • Georgie Hyatt, Rotaro
  • Nicole Norman, Skinny Colour Cosmetics
  • Allegro Dinkwanyane, Orgella Group

Download The Un-Rule Book now to find out how these business owners found their flow and carved out a path to success—minus the clichés.

The Un-rule Book

Follow cliché-free advice from three successful young entrepreneurs to learn how to start a business without experience, capital or qualifications.

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