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Become visionary. Become CFO 3.0

The finance function is evolving. Discover how trailblazing finance leaders are driving a digital-first agenda.
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Key report statistics

87 % of senior financial decision-makers play a role in digital transformation and say that emerging financial management technology is key to success in their role
44% of businesses said COVID-19 increased demand for their services, and 78% reported revenue growth in recent months
90 % of senior financial decision-makers have adopted emerging technologies in some form

CFO 1.0. The historian

You’re at the start of your digital journey, and looking backwards into the rear-view mirror.  

  • As a strong individual with high financial acumen, you’re a historian of past performance 
  • Your role reflects the traditional view of the finance professional as a historian of company financial data and past performance. 
  • 12% of senior finance decision makers say they struggle to adapt to their new roles and responsibilities that have evolved over the past 2 years 

CFO 2.0. The real-time analyst

You have modern financial tools to automate your finance function. You’re able to help the business strategically. 

  • You use real-time data and dashboards to provide the support and analysis needed to help a business improve operational and management performance. 
  • You add the “why” to what happened, helping the organisation use data to gain strategic insights. 
  • 64% of CFOs spend more time analysing data than they do gathering and processing it

CFO 3.0. The visionary

We’re entering a new era where artificial intelligence and machine learning brings us to a new phase of finance. 

  • You use data and emerging technology to create a vision of the future of the business, and may well be in the driving seat of transformation. 
  • Instead of simply using a rear-view mirror, you’re using data and predictive analytics to look ahead and plot a new direction.  
  • In 75% of businesses, it’s the CEO who drives the overall strategy, with vital input, insight, and direction from the CFO and CIO. This suggests that digital transformation is no longer the sole responsibility of the CIO and is central to business strategy

Welcome to the era of CFO 3.0

Our report CFO 3.0: Digital transformation beyond financial management, preparing the finance function in the wake of COVID-19, based on a survey of over 300 South African senior financial decision makers, provides unique insight into the CFO’s evolving role in driving digital transformation. 

Download this important research for original insight into the evolution of the CFO.

  • COVID-19 shifted the responsibilities of the CFO, accelerated digital transformation, and amplified challenges around remote working, compliance, and cyber security
  • But South African CFOs are confident. In technology, in the future, and in themselves
  • Powered by financial management and emerging technology, all the senior financial decision-makers we spoke to are looking ahead – and they like what they see
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Built for finance professionals by finance professionals

Designed in the cloud, Sage Intacct empowers your business with the finance technology you need to become a CFO 3.0 and develop a culture of innovation that impacts your entire organisation.

Sage Intacct provides CFOs and finance teams a powerful solution that offers:


  • Deep multi-dimensional accounting and automation for efficient financial operations
  • Sophisticated visibility for real-time decision making
  • Best of breed, easy integration to other solutions
  • Fresh and modern user interface
  • Real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities

Becoming CFO 3.0 : Latest advice and insights

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