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Frequently asked questions about ISVs and how they work with Sage X3.

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Sage X3 add-ons and extensions

Customized solutions for your specific business needs

Extend the capabilities of your Sage X3 software by integrating it with additional Sage products and third party applications. Process payments, manage invoices, track shipments and more with our huge ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs).

Document Management & Document approvals Workflow

Improves staff productivity and morale by giving all necessary staff members fast and easy access to the documents they need to perform their jobs efficiently.

eCommerce for Sage-Run Businesses

Commercebuild intelligently replicates the complex business data built into your Sage ERP system. Certified by Sage, we enable you to deliver a complete end-to-end digital experience for your customers while maximizing their Sage investment.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is a fully integrated business intelligence and data management solution that helps organisations make informed decisions based on real-time data. It empowers all users with a simple interface to access and analyse data in a self-sufficient manner and eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialised skills.

Sage Data & Analytics

The solution incorporates pre-built data models from other Sage and competitive ERP platforms. This enables you to keep extensive insight into data from the previous system as you switch to Sage, without the need to manually map data to the new database model or transfer all of your historical data into the new Sage live transactional database.

Advanced Warehouse Management and Stock Control

Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 builds on Sage’s powerful setup around products and locations, extending the core application in the Sage framework and within the relevant standard screens, to deliver functionality for today’s fast moving warehouse.

Sage HR

Solve your HR challenges. Onboard your employees, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights.

  • Centralize employee records for full visibility of your entire workforce.
  • Manage your workforce online with digital communications, reporting, org charts.
  • Give employees easy remote access to payslips, company policies, schedules.
  • Enable your people to request time off, check vacation balance, and see who’s away anytime, anywhere.
  • Share goals and priorities to unite team efforts.
  • Snap and submit receipts in a flash directly from the mobile app.
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Sage People

The cloud-based HR and people system for medium-sized companies.

  • Multilingual HCM system with information and communication platform.
  • Extensive people analytics and controlling functions.
  • Comprehensive recruiting and onboarding.
  • Performance and talent management.
  • Configurable integration of third-party systems.
  • Building on the world's leading Salesforce Cloud platform.


Commercebuild intelligently replicates the complex business data built into your Sage ERP system. Certified by Sage, we enable you to deliver a complete end-to-end digital experience for your customers while maximizing their Sage investment. By fusing your Sage ERP system with the Commercebuild platform, we help you unlock the power of your Sage system and extend to the digital world.


Skynamo provides field sales teams with access to product, pricing, customer and stock information stored in Sage via their mobile devices. Improve the accuracy of orders captured, reduce turnaround time on invoicing and increase cash flow. GPS tracking reduces admin for sales teams by creating automated call reports: distance travelled and time spent with customers. Business intelligence provides valuable reports and stats that enable reps and managers to make smarter sales decisions.


Seamlessly integrated with Sage X3, Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management solution transforms the way you plan, budget and report. Redefining cloud software, Prophix allows you to automate important financial and operational processes, making companies more agile and profitable and reducing risk.

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These solutions are selected by Sage product management ensuring they meet the highest technical standards and seamlessly integrate with Sage X3.

Many ISVs use our Sage X3 SDK (software development kit) and integrate their functionality right inside the Sage X3 user interface (UI) so using the new add-on is seamless. Everything syncs and access is right there in your Sage X3 menu.

Others have a separate application which syncs to Sage X3 on the backend via our API (application programming interface). Extensions are typically accessed through a special login portal or through a separate mobile application altogether.

Visit Sage Marketplace where you can view and research all the ISV solutions that integrate with Sage X3.

Sage works with business partners who are experts at configuring and integrating ISV add-ons to your Sage X3 product. Should you find a solution you are interested in, please complete the "contact us" form within each listing on the marketplace or contact your Sage business partner.

Or through the ISV's own website. Either way, your business partner can help you procure the ISV solution of your choice and integrate it into your Sage X3 system.

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