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End-to-end supply chain management software with Sage X3

Sage X3 offers full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, financing and manufacturing to help you improve your supply chain efficiency and keep up with customer demand. Download the capabilities guide to learn more.

Streamlined supply chain operations

Improve collaboration, visibility and efficiency from end to end: inventory, procurement, fulfilment and logistics.

Anticipate customer demand

With forecasting and demand planning tools, you can optimise inventory, reduce stockouts, minimise excess inventory and boost customer satisfaction.

Stronger supplier relationships

Ensure timely deliveries, negotiate favourable terms, and maintain cost control with features that help facilitate effective supplier relationship management.

Supply chain performance

Gain insights on inventory, lead times, costs and more to quickly identify areas for improvement and optimise processes strategically.


Sage X3 supply chain management helps you seamlessly manage the purchasing process from beginning to end, starting with the management of requests for quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies and integration into the price list base.

  • Supplier and product category management
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Purchase planning, ordering, and requests
  • Purchase orders, delivery, and scheduling
  • Requests for proposal
  • Open orders, budget accounting
  • Multi-level signature management
  • Supplier invoice entry and returns

Inventory management

Sage X3 helps you keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through the real-time monitoring of inventory status.

  • Product data and multiple units of measure
  • Location management
  • Inventory balances
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Replenishment, inter-site transfers
  • Order release
  • Stock movements
  • Import tracking
  • Mobile apps
  • License Plate Number (LPN) Capabilities

Sales management

Provide the best customer experience while improving your top-line performance with quick and easy access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts and carriers.

  • Product configurator, options, and variants
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Sales commissions
  • Quotes, contracts, and open orders
  • Multi-level credit checking and order entry
  • Order preparation, delivery, packing, and shipping
  • Customer returns
  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Inventory inquiries and allocations

Customer service

Sage X3 empowers you to delight your customers with exceptional service. Full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance and manufacturing provides a complete understanding of customer activity – all within a single business management solution.

  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer call centre support
  • Warranty/Service order management
  • Solution knowledge base
  • Marketing campaigns

Extend the power of Sage X3

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Unlock the full potential of Sage X3 with integrations and customisations. Explore our marketplace or leverage our partner network of industry experts to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

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Sage X3 supply chain management software FAQs

Sage X3 can help businesses improve their supply chain performance by providing them with visibility into their supply chain and by helping them optimise their processes. This allows businesses to optimise their inventory levels, reduce their transportation costs and improve their customer service. Download our capabilities guide or take a product tour to learn more about our robust supply chain management features.

Sage X3 offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain management features including:

  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Supplier management
  • Demand planning
Sage X3 provides full inventory management capabilities, including multi-location and batch tracking, warehouse management, demand planning and supplier relationship management.
Yes, Sage X3 offers procurement features such as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor management and automated approval workflows to streamline procurement processes.
Process Manufacturing

“We massively integrate both vertically and horizontally, and Sage acts as a robust database to back up all the data that comes with the existing growth mechanisms and strategies.”

Elie Germanos - Group IT Manager
RAR Holding

Finance and Insurance

“We have a fantastic system now. It’s so much more than just a financial system.”

Amal Desai, CFO
Restaurant chain/FMCG

“When we bought Hungry Lion out, we immediately started looking for the right ERP solution, as this would be our backbone to the new Hungry Lion Group.”

Rudi Von Mollendorff, CFO
Hungry Lion
Fast moving consumer goods

“We were able to use Sage’s development framework and create numerous additional features to meet the requirements.”

Stephen Howe, Times 3 Technologies

“We’re now more efficient in how we process this procurement, and our inventory is more visible. Because we have the right information on hand, we’re more accurate and decisive in our management.”

Paul Githuka, Head of Technology and Learning Innovations
M-Pesa Foundation Academy

“The tools have not only centralised our non-IT operations, but they have also significantly increased our decision-making and employee engagement capabilities.”

Mwirigi Imungi, CFO

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