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Sage X3 helps South Africa’s first digital bank drive financial inclusion

Tyme Digital by Commonwealth Bank SA - South Africa

TymeBank was founded to advance financial inclusion by helping customers manage and plan their financial lives and futures. It uses Sage X3 to take services to more people.

A solution perfectly tailored to the business

When its previous provider exited global investments, TymeBank saw an opportunity to build a new, bespoke, financial management system. They brainstormed their ideal solution and prioritised ease of use, access to business data, real-time integration with the core banking system, data warehousing, and cloud deployment. Sage X3 ticked all the boxes.

We had an opportunity to build our own platform the way we wanted it. So, we built a wish-list … This was an opportunity to do things better.

Amal Desai

Meeting the challenge

After the brainstorm session TymeBank set an ambitious implementation date and went live just 4 months later. Sage X3 links directly into TymeBank’s core system, allowing the finance team to see a consolidated view of the trial balance at any point, while dashboards provide an intuitive overview of the accounts payable cycle.

The information we use to analyse our business performance is the same information that our auditors will sign off at the end of the financial year.

Amal Desai

Sage X3 scales with success

TymeBank is delighted with its Sage-based bespoke management system, which makes life much easier for the team and allows staff to work from anywhere. The business is also looking to scale up with Sage X3: TymeBank is now expanding its partnership program and exploring opportunities in the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

We have a fantastic system now. It’s so much more than just a financial system.

Amal Desai

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