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Dairy product leader grows with the help of Sage X3 and Times 3 Technologies

Darling Romery - South Africa

Over the past 28 years, Darling Romery has grown from a family farm business to a successful dairy product supplier, serving multiple national retailers.

Growing beyond legacy ERP systems

Like many fast-moving consumer goods companies using a legacy ERP system, Darling Romery relied on a significant number of manual processes. A lack of accurate business insights hindered the business. Expanding to new product lines meant it was time for a more modern approach to its business management systems. It turned to Sage partner Times 3 Technologies.

They really wanted to begin using enabling technologies…to expand and include their customers and their suppliers as part of the overall chain.

Stephen Howe
Times 3 Technologies

A successful six-month implementation

Darling Romery evaluated numerous solutions before choosing Sage X3. Implementation via Times 3 Technologies took six months, covering finance, distribution, sales and manufacturing. In addition, Times 3 developed a delivery manifest module and an electronic data interchange interface to connect the supply chain.

We were able to use Sage’s development framework and create numerous additional features to meet the requirements.

Stephen Howe
Times 3 Technologies

Automated orders and invoicing

Darling Romery now delivers over 1,500 orders a day, without needing to manually capture this data. The team has better visibility across the business, with automated reporting and management accounts now generated at the push of a button. Sage X3 also enabled Darling Romery to automate various workflows, including procurement.

What we try to do is essentially solve business requirements, which encompasses the client, ourselves and Sage.

Stephen Howe
Times 3 Technologies

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