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Sage Intacct accounts payable automation with Ai

Cut your accounts payable processing time in half with AI-powered AP automation that learns from you. Save time with automated bill entry and streamline your processes so you can focus on higher value tasks.
Purchasing Operations Indirect Spend Actual / Budget Vendor Aging System Foods 21,052.00 0.00 0.00 Computer connections 600.00 0.00 0.00 International Business System 4600.00 0.00 0.00 Blue Sky Marketing 1700.00 0.00 0.00 Blue Triangle 17,700.00 5900.00 5,900.00 Vendor Name -0 1-30 30-60 Defender Purchase Trx Approve Purchasing Transactions Transaction Date Vendor Pay to Total Amount Request status Requester Document number Type Submitted djackson PR-000057 Purc Toronto InDirect Spend Office Expense Total InDirect Spend 900 900 900 900 06/06/2022 Vancouver 06/06/2022 As of today Cash $17,363K +169,264 vs. prior month Operating Expense $6,274 -650 vs. budget Accounts Payable $1,049K -1,061 vs. budget

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Overview Account Payment date Document/check no Vendor ID Vendor name Total due vendor Memo Attachment Overview 1 - 1 02/19/2021 - 123,456.00 123,456.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Total Credits/Advances applied Payment amount Discount applied Total due Total billed Rec. Pay Date Due date Bill # Payment provider CSI Payment method VCARD Vendor name Validate Payment status Complete Payment currency USD Payment txn amount 123,456.00 - 123,456.00 123,456.00 - 0.00 0.00 Posted Payment Payment information History Print to Done Email payment notice More actions

Sage Intacct AP Automation with Ai boosts productivity and provides real-time visibility into performance

Sage Intacct connects your AP ecosystem and uses Sage Ai to double your productivity. Save hours spent on manual data entry using AI-powered data capture. Sage Ai learns quickly so the more you use it, the more time you save.

  • Upload or email an AP bill and Sage Ai will automatically extract details and create a pre-populated draft for your approval.

  • Sage Ai correctly identifies the vendor, amount, dates, and line items.

  • Reconcile in minutes with auto-matched and auto-created draft transactions, making it easy to soft-close daily.

  • Sage Ai flags duplicate invoices so you don't pay twice by mistake, helping you stay on top of your bills.

Streamline accounts payable processing using just one solution

From vendor and bill creation, approvals, and payments through to reconciliation and reporting, you manage the entire AP process in one solution.

  • Get complete visibility and traceability throughout with centralized, electronic access to bills, approvals, payment status, posting details, and audit trails.

  • Process bills and payments for all your entities within a single Sage Intacct account.

  • Save days of AP time each month.

Accounts Payable $1,049K Operating Expenses $560K

Stay on top of cash flow and manage risk

Always know where your cash stands. Enable data to flow seamlessly from your banks into your general ledger and reporting. 

  • Reconcile in minutes with auto-matched and auto-created draft transactions, making it easy to soft-close daily.

  • Meet the needs of both small and large finance teams with flexible internal controls.

  • Set spending limits to maintain budget compliance with Sage Intacct Spend Management.

  • Get complete visibility into the entire accounts payable process.

More ways to pay and save

Sage Intacct provides different electronic payment options, so your vendors get fast, secure, and paperless payments every time.

  • Issue payments using vendor's preferred payment method, including check, ACH, or virtual card.

  • Pay vendors consistently and on time, so you can take advantage of payment discounts and reduce the need to reissue payments.

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Sage Intacct Accounts Payable FAQs

Sage Intacct accounts payable automation now includes our newest AI-based tool to help make your accounts payable processes more efficient. This AI automatically extracts vendor bill details and creates a pre-populated draft for you to approve. Our AI correctly identifies the vendor, amount, dates, and line items - taking the manual work out of completing your account payable tasks. So you can save on time and prevent mistakes as duplicate invoices are detected and flagged automatically, helping you stay on top of your bills. Our AI also learns quickly from you so the more you use it, the more time you save.

Sage Intacct automates Accounts Payable processes to eliminate manual processes like entering data, tracking down lost invoices, and getting approvals. Not only does this save time—upwards to 100 hours per month—it also drives down the cost of running AP in your organization. Sage Intacct eliminates inefficient workflows to help you stay on top of the costs and time it takes to process your invoices.

  • Create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls and ensure complete accountability.
  • Set defaults for terms, discounts, general ledger accounts, payment priority and payment dates for easy data entry.
  • Generate accounts payable liabilities and vendor-aging reports, bill and check register reports across your organization, in real time.
  • Track and view payments, approvals, and reports, in real-time.
  • Save even more time by setting up recurring bills.

Sage Intacct integrates internal controls into your AP workflow. Here are just a couple ways Sage Intacct bolsters internal controls:

  • Point-and-click controls allow you to define your workflows, approvals and internal control processes to conform to your needs.
  • Integration with spend management enforce spending limits to maintain budget compliance with Sage Intacct Spend Management.
You can pay bills using a variety of payment methods within the system, including electronic check, credit card, ACH, and more—no more cutting and mailing checks.

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