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Employee recognition and compensation management

Reward employees in a fair and consistent way that aligns with your organization’s dynamic goals and targets.

Employee recognition and compensation management

  • Easily plan and reward your global team with consistent, compliant salary increases and bonuses.
  • Display bonus and salary amounts in chosen currencies, so managers have easy visibility of spent and remaining budget, to review and make recommendations.
  • Tailor your reward planning to meet your specific business needs, including salary change reasons and choosing decision makers.
  • Manage multiple rewards plans – such as per country, policy, or department using different date ranges, projections, eligibility, and exclusion criteria.

Benefits automation

  • Simplify and automate benefits administration with support for multiple third-party benefit providers and tailor by location.
  • Manage eligibility rules in open enrolment for benefits, enhanced calculations, and rate tables.
  • Communicate the total value of an employee’s benefits package with an easy-to-understand reward statement.
  • Automatically make changes to an employee’s pay and benefits via predefined workflows and corresponding employee notifications, so they are always kept informed.

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