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We do the right thing when processing personal data

Sage collects and uses personal data in a way that is fair and transparent. We enable individuals to exercise their data protection rights promptly.

Our values

Our customers trust Sage to develop innovative uses of personal data which benefit them and encourage their success.


Through transparency, individuals can trust Sage to process personal data fairly and responsibly.


We treat people fairly and openly, and we recognise individuals' rights to privacy and to control their own personal data.


We strip away the complexity of third-party privacy review so you can get on with the day-to-day.

How we collect and use personal data


We collect and use personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent way, whether we control personal data or process data on your behalf. This starts with our privacy notices and cookie policies.

Global privacy notices 

Here you will find country specific links which direct you to our privacy notices and cookie policies in various languages.

Certain Sage products, services, websites, and applications have their own privacy notices and cookie policies which will be provided at the time of access.

Exercise your data protection rights


We understand that you want to exercise your data protection rights without delay. This may include requests to access your personal data, erase and correct data, or opt out of marketing communications.

Please click on the tabs on the right to make your request.

General privacy enquiry

Individual privacy rights request

Cookie settings

This only covers this specific site. Other Sage products, services, websites, and applications have their own cookie consent management which will be provided at the time of access.

UK and Ireland email marketing preference centre

For other countries, use the privacy contact details provided in the Global privacy notices section above.

Customer due diligence essentials


We're here to help you complete your third-party due diligence review before sharing personal data with us.

Find what you need here.

List of Sage sub-processors

International data transfers

Security measures

Security measures

Compliance framework briefing notes :

Privacy Frequently Asked Questions

If you are located in the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, South Africa, or any other country not listed below, please contact [email protected].

 Location  Contact
Australia [email protected]
Austria [email protected]
Belgium [email protected]
France [email protected]
Germany [email protected]
Malaysia [email protected]
Morocco [email protected]
Portugal [email protected]
Singapore [email protected]
Spain [email protected]

Sage provides its products and services to thousands of customers, and we are therefore not in a position to respond to bespoke questionnaires.

We have a lot of information in our privacy notices and cookie policies and in our customer due diligence essentials section.

If you still cannot find what you need, contact [email protected] or our regional contacts in our Global privacy notices and cookie policies section.

Sage is unable to provide customers with copies of its internal policies and procedures as these are confidential documents.  

We can confirm that we have a robust suite of data protection and security policies and procedures in place, as well as a data protection accountability and controls framework.  

For this purpose, we have prepared external-facing compliance framework briefing notes explaining our compliance approach.

If the above information does not answer your questions, please contact [email protected].

Individual Rights Request Form

You can complete the form below to provide relevant request information.

Alternatively, you can simply contact us using the privacy contact details provided in the Global privacy notices section or contact [email protected].

California Residents

If you are a California resident and want to exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please contact Sage* at 1-877-897-6395 or click here to complete our specific CCPA data request form.

*If you wish to make a request to Sage Intacct, please contact Sage Intacct at [email protected].


In some circumstances, Sage may act as the processor of your personal data on behalf of another party which controls that data (e.g., if your employer is a Sage customer). In those circumstances, you should direct your request to the controller of your personal data (e.g., your employer). 

When you make your request, we will consider the privacy rights of relevant individuals and other legal and regulatory requirements. As a result, there may be limits to the extent that we can fulfil your request. 

We may need to retain your personal data for as long as necessary to communicate with you, to continue to provide our products and services to you (where relevant) and for record-keeping purposes. 
If you have any questions about this form or about your request, please email  

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