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ISV and developer software solutions 

Partner programs at Sage offer independent software vendors and developers access to Sage products, developer and educational resources, and technical support. 

Developing solutions that work for business 

Regardless of your business or customer base, Sage is looking for Independent Software Vendors and developers to partner with to provide solutions designed to meet your customers’ needs.
As a partner you can create a competitive advantage for your business by developing custom solutions to specific markets or industries and become that niche specific expert that customers need. Through partnering with Sage you can also gain a competitive advantage and get increased exposure to our customers through Sage Marketplace. 

We have different levels of partnerships available and are here to help you find which one is right for you. 

If you want to build a custom integration to a local (North America) Sage product, please email [email protected]. Detail your use case and requirements, and one of our colleagues will get back to you. 

If you are an ISV with a distributable software of your own which you want to integrate with Sage product(s) and promote in our Marketplace, please join today to start your partner journey.

ISV and developer benefits

Benefits Developer Champion Rockstar
Developer support slate check mark slate check mark slate check mark
Access to Sage software updates and new releases slate check mark slate check mark slate check mark
Sage product certification slate check mark slate check mark slate check mark
Developer education
slate check mark slate check mark
Access Sage University and eLearning slate check mark slate check mark
slate check mark
Sage Marketplace listing slate check mark slate check mark slate check mark
Dedicated marketing promotional activities
slate check mark slate check mark
Pre-sales developer support green check mark
Participation in early product releases green check mark
Involvement in Sage R&D early adopter program green check mark
Co-sell opportunities with sales teams green check mark
Product listed on Sage price list green check mark
Dedicated account management green check mark

By themselves, Accounting and SalesSeek represent the easiest-to-use and best-value systems for customer-focused businesses like Transparity. The integration lifts this to a new level, by giving everyone in Transparity full visibility into our operational layer and enabling all our staff to respond to customer inquiries immediately and completely.

David Jobbins, co-founder 

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