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[eBook] Retaining the human touch in the metaverse

‘Metaverse’ is a buzzword not merely reserved for gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and futurists but a concept entering the working world. Whether it’s shopping, learning, or working, the metaverse promises to change how we work, interact, and engage via the internet.

This eBook explores the metaverse, its risks, how it will change the working world as we know it, and how metaverse technologies can help HR keep the human touch in a virtual setting.

Here’s what you can expect from the eBook:

What is the metaverse?

Also referred to as “Web 3.0”, the term combines the words ‘meta’ and ‘universe’ and represents a collaborative virtual space that is more advanced and interactive than current social media platforms.

The idea is based on the notion of creating a free and open space using technologies that provide more expansive and immersive digital experiences. Cloud infrastructure, blockchain, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are some of the technologies that will enable the metaverse’s functionality.

Avatars and augmented experiences will allow us to create realistic characters that can gather in the same place virtually, without geographic limitations. This way, our digital selves can explore new networking capabilities, interactions, and business opportunities, regardless of where we are physically. However, privacy, governance, identity hacking, and the digital divide make some people hesitant to embrace this future.

Changing the world of work

The Harvard Business Review says the metaverse will reshape the world of work in three ways:

  1. Improved collaboration using more advanced, intuitive, and comfortable remote working technologies that will enable motion capture, 3D avatars, and ‘virtual in-person collaboration.
  2. New colleagues in the form of AI-powered, human-like digital co-workers that enable us to collaborate with complex technologies and machinery remotely.
  3. Better learning and skills development opportunities through replicated real-life scenarios, encouraging active participation in an immersive digital and artificial environment.

Company culture in the metaverse

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have already adapted to a remote or hybrid working system. However, employees still need an organisational connection to keep them motivated, connected, and collaborative. With highly realistic 3D avatars, remote interaction can:

  • Improve communication
  • Build trust
  • Develop authentic connections
  • Revolutionise remote collaboration

For example, metaverse technology will help HR departments to better support and understand the future workforce’s expectations and needs while creating a virtual world that is unbiased and non-discriminatory.

Maintaining the human touch in the metaverse

Yes, the virtual world can decrease human connection, which means HR professionals must prepare for busier and more complex workdays.

The metaverse transformation is as much social as it is technical, which means emotion, trust, privacy, communication, and safety are critical, and it’s up to the HR department to focus on improving the human experience at work.

Although employee wellbeing will be a challenge in the virtual setting, there are metaverse technologies and elements that can help the HR department, including:

  • Training and learning: AR and VR training will allow new employees to gain hands-on job experience without the risk of making costly mistakes in the learning process.
  • Policy, legislation, and the digital divide: HR must pay particular attention to employment equity legislation and provide the tools, technologies, and support to promote company-wide participation in virtual spaces.

HR tech to help maintain the human touch

Digital transformation and process automation aren’t new concepts for HR, but there’s no denying the rapid pace at which it’s progressing. That’s why access to technologies that automate processes, streamline tasks, and increase efficiencies are vital for the HR department to keep up with the new world of work and its imminent future.

Download the eBook to find out how cloud-based HR management solutions can help your HR department ease into the metaverse while maintaining the vital human touch.

[Ebook] Embracing the metaverse without losing the human touch

This e-book unpacks the metaverse trend, explaining what it is, where the risks lie, and how it will transform the world of work. Discover how metaverse technologies can help the HR function maintain human connections.

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