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Sage Accounting updates: an improved bank feed experience and user role delegation for Accountants

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We have simplified the Sage Accounting bank feeds, and updated the user role delegation to provide accountants with an enhanced user experience. Here’s how: 

Bringing you a new banking experience with Sage Bank feeds.

Automated Bank feeds are one of the most exciting developments in accounting in the past few years. This intelligent software innovation enables businesses to become more efficient by vastly eliminating manual reconciliation activity.

The power of the Sage Bank Feed comes in with the smart mapping rules, whereby your coded recurring transactions are eventually learned and automated by the system. This ensures that your recurring transactions are automatically categorised, for example, a telephone expense will always be booked against telephone on the General Ledger.

And so, from a time perspective, you save hours on reconciling manual transactions, your bank recon is simplified and more efficient, and your accounts are always up to date and accurate.  With our latest release, the onboarding experience is effortless. You simply select your bank’s logo, enter your credentials, and after a few important security checks, those transactions will flow through into your accounting software. Just a heads up, this may take up to 24 hours to sync and activate, but it will be well worth it.

While Bank Feeds have been available in Sage Accounting for some time, the newer Sage Bank Feeds implementation will provide a more efficient and stable connection to your bank through an enhanced version of Yodlee. Plus, this new implementation will also enable direct bank feeds, which are still to come—watch this space!

For Accountants: Free up your own time by delegating admin to other users.

Time is a precious commodity for Accountants. It’s what they use to advise their clients and to run and grow their practices as efficiently as possible. Traditionally, only a Company Owner of an Accountant Edition subscription could create Accountant Edition Users (or clerks) to manage their client’s companies.

We have now added functionality that will enable an Accountant to delegate this administrative task to another Accountant Edition User (or clerk), therefore freeing up time for the Accountant to do more advisory work and to grow their practices.

We have also enhanced the Accountant Audit Trail Report, which has now been updated to reflect the date, time and user who initiated changes to the Accountant Edition User(s). This ensures that all changes made to user roles and permissions are fully traceable.

Got a product improvement idea?

 We’re committed to continuously listening, empathising and solving the Sage Accounting issues that matter most to you.

One of the ways we’re doing this is by asking you to share your requests and ideas with us on the Sage Accounting Ideas portal or vote on other ideas that have already been submitted.

We’ll then keep you updated on your ideas contribution. We’ll soon be adding this directly in product, so keep a lookout for our feedback icon in-app and start sharing your ideas directly from there. To use these new features, log in to Sage Accounting or take a free trial if you’re not already a customer.