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Accelerate your sales performance today 

Empower your sales teams with more opportunities

With a more effective sales team, you will increase productivity and revenue in your business faster.

Your sales team will work on the right leads, at the right time, you will be able to see what stage your sales deals are at, and you and your management team will make business decisions based on real-time information.

Using our solution, Sage customers increased the productivity of their sales teams by up to 40 percent.

We'll empower you to track the performance of sales across your business, work on the go using your mobile and gain the confidence you need to make better business decisions today.

Put your business on the path to exceptional growth

It's no secret that today's businesses want to put their business on the path to growth. By taking a systematic approach to sales, you will:

  • Track the performance of your sales activities in real-time using our out-of-the-box sales reports
  • Generate accurate forecasts about the performance of your business with our powerful sales dashboards
  • Prepare for important sales meetings by accessing important customer data on the go using our mobile apps for Android and iPhone
  • Make more informed decisions faster using our powerful and easy-to-understand sales reports
  • See what stage sales deals are at in the pipeline and then make accurate forecasts to manage key opportunities

Discover the secret behind Gibson Teldata's success

Gibson Teldata needed a solution for tracking its sales leads and customer communications in real-time.

Sage CRM gives the company's sales managers the ability to manage opportunities, relationships and orders.

"We have, in the first three months of this fiscal year, achieved 60% of the prior year’s sales"

Larry Leeds,

CPA – Gibson Teldata


How Rockend Software is closing sales faster

In the past, Rockend Software relied on multiple systems for customer support, sales and marketing.

Rockend's CEO John Goddard chose Sage because he wanted his sales team to use the company's valuable customer information and close more sales.

Now the company's sales teams can see the most profitable and winnable opportunities on a sales pipeline and close them faster.

Best of all?

The management team at Rockend is making more informed decisions based on the latest information.

“Sage is the key platform for our growth for the next ten years,”

says John Goddard, CEO, Rockend Software

You can manage your sales opportunities from first contact to final closure.
  • Manage leads seamlessly from capture to opportunity conversion using workflow
  • Ensure the most qualified sales representatives handle your opportunities
  • Close sales faster using our Quick Sale Workflow
With powerful reports and sales graphs, you have immediate access to business data for analysis and for making decisions.
  • Choose from a comprehensive selection of reports
  • Create reports using our intuitive reporting tools
  • View/access a snapshot of sales opportunities anytime via our Sales Funnel
You can become more efficient by providing sales quotes along with up-to-date product and pricing information.
  • Create accurate quotes and orders
  • Automatically generate sales proposals using predefined templates
  • Access business data stored in your business management solution
With Sage for Sales, you get real-time, accurate forecasts so you can see where your sales forecasts stand at any moment in time.
  • Consolidate forecasting information quickly and easily across teams
  • Export forecast information to Excel for further analysis
  • Monitor the progress of deals and use this information to improve future sales performance

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