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Hitting the right notes with Sage Accounting and Payroll

Marimba Jam - South Africa

Marimba Jam is a social enterprise encouraging social and cultural harmony through music and rhythm, teaching and promoting the African marimba in schools around Cape Town.

Graduating from high school project to social enterprise

When Kiara Ramklass founded Marimba Jam, she was at high school. Over the next five years the project grew from 100 students to 500, and Kiara – who in the meantime went to university – realized that it needed much better financial management than she could provide using her personal bank account and a free-to-use invoicing package.

Staying on top of the invoicing became too much for a full-time student to handle.

Kiara Ramklass

Working with Bright Path Business Consultants and Sage

When Ramklass looked for professional help with accounting, she came across TJ Ledwaba and his start-up, Bright Path Business Consultants. Ledwaba knew the social enterprise sector and had experienced the pain of relying on manual processes. He introduced Ramklass to Sage, which he calls a ‘secret weapon’, and which swiftly made sense of Marimba Jam’s finances.

Every accountant has something that works for them; Sage works for me. It puts me in the pulse of my clients’ businesses – and that’s where lasting relationships form.

Kiara Ramklass

Sage and Bright Path give peace of mind and time to grow

Ramklass feels safe knowing all of Marimba Jam’s financial records are together. Sage provides great accountability and a professional boost. And this, along with the support of Bright Path, gives her greater confidence in the financial side of the business. With finances taken care of, she is now free to spend more time on growing Marimba Jam.

Our goal is to be in 2,000 schools across South Africa … Sage and Bright Path [are] the solution we needed.

Kiara Ramklass

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