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National Small Business Chamber achieves greatness in South Africa with support of Sage

National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) - South Africa

Sage provides SME organisation with a cloud accounting solution that ensures operational efficiency and financial compliance.

Aligned to drive business innovation

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) is Africa’s leading SME organisation, dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs become tomorrow’s business legends. Established in 2007 by Mike Anderson, the purpose is to foster the sustainability and growth of the SME sector. This is where the NSBC and Sage align. Both organisations empower small businesses, helping them find success in South Africa.

The [Sage team] are really there to help small businesses stay in the game.

Mike Anderson
Founder and CEO

Supporting small businesses

The NSBC adopted Sage Accounting almost 14 years ago, and Mike Anderson says that over the years, he has really valued Sage’s passion and drive for supporting small businesses. He adds that Sage Accounting empowers business owners, from all walks of life, to succeed financially and strategically, giving them piece of mind that their software and business is fully compliant.

Financial compliance is imperative. And Sage Accounting gives us peace of mind.

Mike Anderson
Founder and CEO

Know the numbers. Stay in the game.

The NSBC have found using Sage Accounting to be so effective, that they’ve added eight more companies onto the platform. Using Sage solutions has allowed the National Small Business Chamber to ensure financial compliance across all of their businesses.

Not every business person is an accountant or has an accounting mind, but Sage Accounting allows for any business owner to use the software quickly and easily.

Mike Anderson
Founder and CEO

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