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Retail Capital partnership capitalises on Sage Intacct

Retail Capital - South Africa

Powered by Sage Intacct, Retail Capital, a division of TymeBank can help more small businesses access the capital they need to thrive.

Room to grow, flex, and innovate

Retail Capital is a small business funder and, over the past decade, has funded over 50,000 businesses with more than R8.5 billion.

To scale as planned, Retail Capital required a robust off-the-shelf ERP solution with API capabilities for automation that can integrate seamlessly with its existing systems.

We realised that the rate and scale of our business growth was increasing rapidly, and we were heading for growing pains.

Tyler Posthumus

No short change with the gold-standard solution

Retail Capital needed a system that could cater to the growth rate it was going through. With guidance from its implementation partner, AWCape, Retail Capital became the first business in South Africa to adopt Sage Intacct.

What attracted us to Sage Intacct was the fact that we could upgrade the system as our business grows, so the platform grows with us.

Tyler Posthumus

Retail Capital looks forward to a strong future

Sage Intacct has helped Retail Capital to automate its complex processes, and with the delivery of rich 360-degree business insights, Sage is uniquely positioned to help companies like them grow and adapt to change.

[Sage] can transform your operations through digitalisation. We are looking forward to how this solution will take us forward.

Tyler Posthumus

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