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Cleaned-up business processes

The Specialist Group - South Africa

The Specialists, a pest control and cleaning experts. overhauled business processes using Sage Business Cloud Accounting solution.

A vast network with diverse systems

The Specialists has a network of franchisees that have grown to over 72 branches across various regions. With each branch using its own accounting systems, it became challenging to track data and know what was happening in the business. Financial and customer data wasn't always readily available. It also had to be recaptured every month.

Making sound business decisions wasn’t possible.

Chris van Rensburg
Managing Director

Going paperless and improving business operations

The Specialists picked a solution that would create a uniform accounting system and a centralized database of customers. Other features like paperless job card scheduling have been invaluable in saving the business time and money.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting features such as bank feeds, means we can view and process transactions from anywhere that has internet access.

Chris van Rensburg
Managing Director

Promises made, promises kept

The customized solution of Sage Business Cloud Accounting addressed The Specialists disconnected processes and procedures. It has evolved into a fully operational system used across the group. The company said using this solution is easy and helped it become a paperless company.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting allows us to be proactive instead of reactive about the business. We’re no longer managing paperwork instead of managing our business.

Chris van Rensburg
Managing Director

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