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Freedom Accounting Inc. drives up efficiency and growth with Sage Accounting

Freedom Accounting Inc. - Canada

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Freedom Accounting Inc. serves a diverse customer base. The firm looked to Sage Accounting to help streamline processes and position itself for growth.
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Banishing paper-based inefficiencies

Like many accounting firms, Freedom Accounting Inc. found itself dealing with large volumes of paper, which was cumbersome for staff and for clients. Knowing there must be a more efficient way to manage their workload, Freedom sought a new system that would automate core processes, eliminate the waste and inefficiency of paper, and facilitate growth.

Inefficiency is huge in our industry. Old-time accounting offices had boxes and boxes of paper … we knew there was a better way to be doing things.

Colleen Hoggarth

Poised for growth with Sage Accounting and AutoEntry

Freedom deployed Sage Accounting with AutoEntry—a Sage add-on that extracts data from bills, receipts, etc. and integrates it into the software, removing any need for paper. Meanwhile, Sage Accounting allows access to data in real time from any location, which proved helpful for Freedom’s staff and clients and allowed staff to work remotely.

With Sage Accounting, clients can work on their smartphones, and we can have team members not physically in an office.

Colleen Hoggarth

Creating new opportunities

Following implementation of Sage Accounting, Freedom Accounting Inc. has seen a 20 % efficiency increase and predicts this will increase to 30–35 %. Information is more visible to staff and clients, and staff can now work remotely, which makes growth into new geographical areas a possibility. The business is now set to gain more clients and move into new markets.

Sage is a rock star product. We want this for ourselves, and we want this for our clients.

Colleen Hoggarth