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The Redefined CFO

The pandemic changed the world irrevocably. In turn, the skillsets of senior decision makers has changed too.

CFOs must acquire non-traditional skills. As a result, we’re seeing new variations–or personas–of the traditional CFO role emerging which each incorporate unique skillsets to help guide their organisations.


of finance leaders say the industry needs a new breed of CFO


of CFOs say they are currently most like a Chief Facilitative Office


of finance leaders believe that decentralised currencies will prove ‘extremely’ viable as a long-term payment solution

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We’ve seen time and again that it’s the organisations with access to the right digital tools— and the skills to glean valuable insights from data—that are most successful. As our profession undergoes its own digital transformation, we must ensure we have the right talent and the right technology to deliver success.

Jonathan Howell
Chief Financial Officer

Business management software that's ready for your industry

Business management software that's ready for your industry.

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