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Sage People shines a light on diversity data at Channel 4

Channel 4 - United Kingdom

This national broadcaster consolidated nine systems into Sage People. Today, its management has more accurate information about its people.

Channel 4 wanted better insights into its people

As part of Channel 4’s public remit, the company must report to OFCOM on diversity targets. However, trying to extract this information was complicated and time-consuming. Additionally, any urgent requests for people data from the CEO or senior management could take weeks to compile, by which point either the need was gone, or the information was out of date.

We needed to digitalise our operations and transform our systems to empower our staff to work more efficiently.

Charlotte Light
Controller of Systems Delivery

Consolidated people systems

Sage People has ensured Channel 4 has a single source of truth for all its employee data, including data on its diversity targets. Gathering this information and reporting it to OFCOM is now a much simpler, quicker process with reports taking hours rather than weeks to compile.

With [Sage People], our heads of department and senior managers can see that information whenever they need to.

Gaynor Bailey, 
HR Programme and Operations Manager

Sage People ensures a single source of truth for employee data

Speedier reporting helped the broadcaster hit its diversity targets by highlighting areas that require greater attention. It also ensured the company is mitigating risk for delayed or inaccurate diversity reports.

One of the main struggles for us was getting the data out of multiple systems to report on diversity and analytics to our senior management team.

Gaynor Bailey, 
HR Programme and Operations Manager

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