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Benefit from fast ROI with Sage People

Based on interviews with Sage People customers, Forrester set out the costs and ROI of deploying and using the Sage HR and People system—revealing payback of investment in 6 months.

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Discover the ROI savings Sage People can deliver to your business

Forrester created a composite organization, called Acme, to illustrate the quantifiable benefits and costs of investing in Sage People.

Over $2m in savings

Acme experienced a three-year risk- adjusted saving, totaling $2,092,243.

90% ROI

Acme experienced a ROI of 90% over three years.

$991,588 NPV

Acme experienced a net present value of $991,588.

Sage People in numbers


33% reduction in recruitment time

Acme recruits about 400 candidates annually and saves 4 hours of labor per candidate, resulting in a 33% reduction in time and effort with Sage People.


Admin reduced by 18%

Acme was able to reduce the time spent on repetitive HR admin by 18% annually.


2 FTEs saved through payroll and compensation capabilities

Acme was able to save two full time employees annually, or 10% of HR and payroll staff by using the Sage People payroll and compensation capabilities.

Significant financial benefits throughout the employee journey

Based on characteristics of the interviewed customers and data aggregation, Acme is a global, medium-sized enterprise with 1,000 employees. Acme experienced significant savings from using Sage People across the following HR and People areas.

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Director of HR at EMEA
transportation company

For a mid-market product, Sage People has excellent global reach. We are using Sage People in the 16 countries we have employees. Having current exchange rates and leave and absence management policies for each country is very helpful.

About Forrester and the report

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage People uses a robust Total Economic Impact™ methodology to set out the costs and ROI of deploying and using Sage People.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage People revealed a range of benefits that conclusively outweigh the costs of using Sage People over three years.

The findings and metrics are based on in-depth interviews with a number of Sage People customers, which were applied to a composite organization, Acme, to illustrate the benefits and investments.

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