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Significant ROI with Sage People

Based on interviews with Sage People customers, Forrester Consulting found an investment payback period of just 6 months.

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Discover the return-on-investment Sage People can deliver

Sage commissioned Forrester to create a composite organisation to illustrate some of the quantifiable cost savings and benefits of investing in Sage People, based on interviews with Sage People customers. 

Over £1.3m in savings

108% ROI

Over £689,000 net present value

Sage People in numbers


Reduction in time taken to produce dashboards

The company was able to produce monthly dashboards in only 2 hours instead of 4 days prior to Sage People 


Performance reviews faster by a factor of 3

Employers, managers and HR are able to save time on the performance review process

Over £551,000 saved

£551,184 saved as a direct result of workforce experience improvements

The company was able to make savings by improving the employee experience and reducing attrition, as a result of Sage People

Substantial financial benefits throughout the employee journey

Based on characteristics of the interviewed customers and data gathering, the composite organisation - a global mid sized firm with 800 employees - experienced substantial savings from using Sage People across the following areas:

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We needed to have something that was multicountry. We needed something that was easily configurable, without having to pay each time we needed to do something.

Director of programs and technology,
digital identity software

About Forrester Consulting and the study

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage People uses a robust Total Economic Impact™ methodology to set out the costs and ROI of deploying and using Sage People.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage People revealed a range of benefits that outweigh the costs of using Sage People over three years.

The findings and metrics are based on in-depth interviews with decision-makers at six organizations that utilise Sage People, which were applied to a composite organisation, to illustrate the benefits and investments.


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Discover how Sage People can transform the way you hire, manage, engage and retain your workforce, in this interactive product tour.

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