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Meet the Finance Futurists

In an ever-changing world, successful CFOs and finance leaders have shifted their thinking and approach to adapt and thrive. This elite group of finance professionals embodies the next generation of financial pioneers, visionaries, and disruptors.

The Informed Communicator

Tom Coward, CFO, Cytora

The Proactive Analyst

Lewis Dangerfield, CFO, Osprey Group

The Equal Opportunist

Magdalena Kosior-Molloy, CFO/COO, Holman Webb Lawyers

The Mindful Philosopher

Nunzio Giunta, Founder & Managing Partner, Giuntabell

The Natural Supporter

Tiffini Masessa, CFO, Forward Merch

The Trusted Partner

Hemant Kumar, CFO, SOL-Millennium Medical

The Change Agent

Aqsa Zubair, FinTech Specialist, BMA

The Experienced Realist

Michel Balsan, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, Eiffel Tower Operating Company

The Candid Industrialist

Jeffery Giavotella, CFO, Ballard Brands 

The Optimistic Technophile

Francois Rey, CFO, Diam Bouchage

The future CFO

As credit tightens and markets transform in the post-pandemic economic downturn, it’s the chief financial officer who will navigate their company back to prosperity. Discover how to become a successful CFO of the future. 

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