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Online accessibility assistance

At Sage, we’re committed to making our web content accessible. It is our policy to ensure that everyone, including persons with disabilities, have full and equal access to our digital offerings.


To ensure accessibility, we have taken the following actions:

  • We have adopted a web accessibility policy.
  • We have initiated training on web accessibility.
  • We have conducted website accessibility testing using both automated tools and manual testing.

We also have made improvements to our website to ensure full and equal access to website content.

For example:

  • We ensure text alternatives for non-text content such as images.
  • We structure pages so that information is logically organised and can be interpreted by assistive technologies such as screen readers.
  • We ensure that users can interact with pages via their keyboard and that there are no keyboard traps that block content to assistive technology users.
  • We use bypass blocks to help assistive technology and keyboard users skip repeated content such as navigation.
  • We ensure that the focus order of elements on pages are predictable and obvious so that keyboard and assistive technology users know what elements of a page they are interacting with.
  • We ensure form errors are identified and readable by assistive technology.
  • We enable users to easily resize website text.
  • We make sure all website layouts and images have the necessary colour contrast ratio.


To make our digital offerings accessible, strives to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

Maintaining accessibility

As part of our policy we are committed to maintaining accessibility. We engage in weekly automated scans of our websites using the Siteimprove QA and accessibility tool and we regularly conduct manual testing of pages using assistive technology such as NVDA.

Beyond our existing remediation measures, we continually review our website to ensure we adhere to best practices in web accessibility.


We are committed to accessibility and are always seeking to improve. If you know a way we can improve, we’d love to hear more. You can email us at [email protected].

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