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Microsoft 365 for Sage 200

Sage 200 is our powerful solution for businesses that caters for everything from finances to sales, customer services and distribution. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, it will give you more control over and even boost the growth of your business.

Better business every day with Sage 200 and Microsoft 365

Free your business

Get the power of desktop with the freedom of the cloud, empowering your teams to make decisions on the go and access key information via any device, whenever.

Smarter sales with Sage200 and Microsoft 365

Access key customer data securely on the go. Review client credit limits, money owed or promised as well as recent invoices and payments in an instant.

Find out how your sales teams can elevate every sale with Sage 200 and Microsoft 365.

Secure storage

With 1TB of space per user, you can keep everything safe with built-in multi-layered security and enterprise-grade privacy controls.

Easy setup, simple management

Use the Microsoft admin centre to manage your Microsoft 365 services and add or remove users.

Deeper integration

Produce financial reports easily, manage customers’ transactions, and give your clients the service they deserve.

Microsoft Teams

Real-time team collaboration with powerful, conversation-based workspaces make your business more productive.

A paperless future

Are you ready to combine the power of desktop with the freedom of the cloud? Run your business from wherever you choose with Sage 200 and Microsoft 365.

Gain the control you demand from your business thanks to better reporting, stronger software, and powerful administration.

Sage 200 and Microsoft 365 provide your business with the tools it needs to build for the future.

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