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Sage 50 Finance Package


Combining our leading accounting and forecasting solutions with business advice services and advanced technical support

From £2,562

(£3,074.40 inc. VAT)

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Quick Specification

  • Sage 50 Accounts Professional
  • Sage 50 Forecasting
  • Sage Cover Extra
  • Microsoft® Excel Support
  • 1 or 5 User Licence

What is the Sage 50 Finance Package?

The Sage 50 Finance Package is a one-stop-shop to managing your finances, and is ideal for medium-sized, larger & growing businesses who want true integrated financial reporting and forecasting along with comprehensive support.

For an all-inclusive single price you can manage your cash flow, complete your VAT returns & forecast accurately for the future. With Sage Cover Extra you'll receive expert support and automatic updates to your software so you're always on the latest version and compliant with legislation.

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Technical information
Technical requirements and licence information for the Sage 50 Finance Package available here.

Accounting & Forecasting

Sage 50 Finance Package includes Sage 50 Accounts Professional; our most advanced software designed for small to medium sized businesses to help manage day-to-day finances. From managing customers, suppliers and VAT to accounting in multiple currencies it's the ideal partner for businesses with more complex financial requirements.

Also included is Sage 50 Forecasting, software that predicts the financial effect of business decisions, letting you create comprehensive financial forecasts and make your next move with confidence.

Support & Training

The 50 Finance Package comes with Sage Cover Extra for Sage 50 Accounts which means our business experts and technicians will be on hand to answer your questions by phone, email or online. Plus, you'll get a free upgrade every time we release a new version of Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Another part of the suite is Microsoft Excel Support; explore new ways to do things in Excel, from financial analysis to schedule management. To complete the package is Sage 50 Accounts E-Learning - a flexible online course that helps you get to grips with Sage 50 Accounts Software.