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ModSquad zooms in on the detail with Sage Intacct

This fast-growing services business increases margins through insight into customer and project profitability using Sage software

Finance team experiences growing pains

ModSquad has built a network of over 10,000 ‘mods’ around the world, who manage online communities and social media buzz 24/7, 365 days a year, in 50 + languages and dialects. But the finance team was struggling to keep up with the pace of growth using legacy Excel-based financial processes.

We reached a point where we needed more scalable technology to keep up with our aggressive growth plans.

David Wohlwend
Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Drilling down into the detail

One of the main benefits that ModSquad has experienced from switching to Sage Intacct is gaining visibility into its financials across a variety of operational dimensions. The team can now easily slice and dice data, yielding insights which extend far beyond the finance department.

Sage Intacct lets us effortlessly view actionable information by time period, account manager, client, or project, so teams can course correct when needed.

David Wohlwend
Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Finger on the pulse

Thanks to Sage Intacct, ModSquad minimized lengthy billing meetings and streamlined revenue and reporting. This has left them with more time to make the most of the software’s filterable dashboards and KPIs to glean insights - these are being used to improve the client experience and boost profit margins.

We can now keep our fingers on the pulse and galvanize profitability efforts across the company - our C-suite is thrilled.

David Wohlwend
Vice President of Finance & Accounting

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