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red door interactive - UNITED STATES

Red Door Interactive accesses scenario forecasting with Sage Intacct

The global marketing and advertising agency improves its decision making with Sage software, and sees a significant increases in its bottom line.

Simplifying budget and planning

Red Door Interactive struggled to compile complex budgets for salaries, new hires, office supplies, and other expenses in five different Microsoft Excel files, each containing several tabs. During the forecasting process, they spent days just calculating and re-calculating budgets for various scenarios.

I was the only one who could make changes directly in the workbook, so there’d be multiple cycles, and we were often still finalizing budgets weeks into the quarter.

Natalie Bonczek

Automation accelerates forecasting

With Sage Intacct’s cloud-based FP&A solution, Red Door Interactive's finance team has managed to replace their Excel-based cycles with comprehensive automation, easing budgeting workload by 85%. They have traded quarterly spreadsheet work and error-prone formulas for systemized, semi-annual modeling, analysis, and calculations.

The first time I pulled up Sage Intacct in our executive team meeting, they were absolutely blown away by how quickly I was able to create a scenario.

Natalie Bonczek

Accountability and profitability

The agility and improved decision-making enabled by Sage Intacct, along with favorable market conditions, contributed to a significant increase in Red Door Interactive’s bottom line. Meanwhile, individual managers can check their Sage Intacct dashboards at any time to see up-to-date budget vs. actuals graphs for current and prior periods.

Our department managers are responsible for their own budgets, and having personalized dashboards in Sage Intacct is critical.

Natalie Bonczek

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