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Solutionreach makes Sage Intacct the beating heart of its financial management

This healthcare SaaS provider has saved hundreds of hours each month and cut the monthly close in half with the use of Sage software

Maintaining visibility as the business grows

Solutionreach has grown revenues 50 percent consistently over the past several years, and as this growth accelerated, its finance team decided to replace its basic QuickBooks accounting software. They went in search of a modern cloud ERP system which could provide greater visibility into business performance.

We knew we needed a cloud solution that could handle our growth and would integrate with whatever new business applications we adopted down the road.

Steve Dalton
Director of Finance

Making life better for the finance team

Using Sage Intacct, Solutionreach is streamlining subscription events like renewals. By automating the process, it is saving hundreds of hours of manual data entry that Solutionreach’s finance team would have needed in order to handle thousands of monthly customer payments using QuickBooks.

Sage Intacct has more than paid for itself by annually saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars in finance salaries for headcount.

Steve Dalton
Director of Finance

Insight at its fingertips

Thanks to Sage Intacct, Solutionreach can now easily track expenses and revenues for each subscription customer, as well as for every department and vertical. This granular insight helps Solutionreach make smarter decisions about when to hire and expand into new verticals.

We have real-time financial visibility at our fingertips, so we can focus on key information that drives operational decisions.

Steve Dalton
Director of Finance

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