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Vinehall improves productivity with Sage Accounting

Vinehall Displays - Ireland

Sage supports specialist conference, exhibition and event production company to automate accounting procedures

Automation to support growth

Transitioning rapidly from a B2B model to B2C during the pandemic, Vinehall Displays realised it needed to move away from manual procedures and introduce automation if it was to continue to grow at its historical rate of 20% year-on-year. It says automation within Sage Accounting is a brilliant time saver.

By using Sage Accounting, the time taken to create an invoice has been reduced from 10 minutes down to zero minutes.

Gerard McElhinney
Director of Client Services

Seamless integration for satisfied customers

As a conference, exhibition and event production company with some major brands as clients, anything that improves the customer experience is key. With Sage Accounting, Vinehall has loved the easy integration with its credit card payments, removing the need for customers to telephone somebody to give payment details over the phone. 

The user experience for the end customer is very seamless. It's all done through the online Sage Accounting platform by simply clicking a button.

Gerard McElhinney
Director of Client Services

Clearer insight informing decision-making

Vinehall has learnt that its environmental footprint is very important for its B2C customers, with 86% of all its waste from sight now recycled. What's not recycled is sent to a facility to generate electricity, so there is zero waste going to landfill. The business prides itself on making investments based on its customer’s eco credentials.

It's vital that we have accurate information so we can make clear decisions in terms of capital investment within the business. Sage gives us that.

Gerard McElhinney
Director of Client Services

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